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bulletCriteria for Course Places

All student selection for entry into courses is undertaken by the Course Coordinator, the Director of Education and other Mayfield Education staff as deemed appropriate. This constitutes the Selection Committee.

It is essential that all questions on the application form are answered adequately so we can make an informed decision. Demand for places may exceed the amount of places available. Selection Criteria for course positions include:

  • Date application received
  • Application fully completed
  • Course entry requirements are met
  • Amount of experience in the work area addressed by the course
  • Type of training previously undertaken
  • Courses completed
  • Ability to use and apply the course learning
  • Reasons given for applying for a course position

bulletCourses/Training Programs

Below is an alphabetical listing of all Mayfield courses/training programs. There is a brief description of each course, the commencement date, and a link to the detailed brochure and application form.

If you prefer you can view the course/training program information in other listing formats, by clicking on the appropriate link in the shaded navigation pane on the right hand side of this page.



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